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Author, Cindy Warren of Belleville, Michigan, is a wife and mother of seven children and two grandchildren.  Cindy is an ordained and licensed minister who works closely with her husband Vincent of twenty-five years.  They are passionate about seeing to the needs of people through healing and restoration in every area of one’s life.  To enhance her ministry Cindy is finishing her studies of psychology and religion with a concentration in Marriage and Family Counseling.

  Melanie B. Staten is a wife, mother, grandmother, licensed minister, author and entrepreneur. 
A lifelong champion of young people, born in Detroit, Michigan, Melanie saw a need to assist our youth in becoming all that God has destined them to be. So, Melanie B. Staten volunteered for the Michigan Metro Girl Scouts for seven years. Eventually, the need to place more emphasis on having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in order to live a greater fulfilled life, led her to establish the Youth Opportunities Unlimited Club, Inc., a Christian youth organization for boys and girls for youth in grades k-12th. Much success was gained and a summer program entitled Summer Program for Academic and Christian Enrichment Camp was added to assist kids in their studies. In 2009, Melanie saw a need to form the New Seed Industries, Inc., a Christian publishing company to create the learning materials needed to teach the youth and to aid in funding the programs. Her desire is to expand these youth programs globally.

    Vincent B. Warren was born in Southfield, Michigan, and is the eldest of six siblings. A fashionista in his own right; Vincent likes to mix it up with the latest trends. And with his sense of humor, Vincent loves to inspire and motivate others. He is currently studying business management.



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