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Divine Inspirations: Words of God's Love and Grace by Cindy A. Warren
A modern day psalms book to encourage, uplift and edify.
    Price:  *$11.95 Hardcover Book plus S&H

Still Standing: A True Life Story of Ketrick Jordan by Ketrick Jordan
Ketrick Jordan, born and raised in Dallas, TX.  At the age of 10, survived a house fire where some drug dealers intentionally poured gasoline throughout his home killing all of his sisters, brothers and niece leaving him as the sole survivor.  Losing both legs above the knees due to severe burns and three finger tips above the first knuckle on the left hand, it was through all the pain and physical limitations Ketrick persevered through it all and continued to live life to the fullest.  Being one of God's miracles and fighting against all odds to achieve, he inspire others to do the same, because that is why he is "Still Standing".

Available at Amazon:  Price:  $8.95 Paperback at
Price: $3.99 Kindle eBook at

Bridging the Spouse Gap Anniversary Booklet by New Seed Industries, LLC
A hand-crafted memory book to record your marriage journey.
   Price:  *$49.95 plus S&H  (Also available at

Anti-Bully 14-Day Control Challenge Booklet by Melanie Staten
A workbook for youth k-12th grades, using biblical principles & personal challenges to promote self restraint.
Available at Amazon:  Price: 
$11.95 Paperback at
                                          Price:  $5.99 Kindle eBook at

Uniquely YOU Bible Series- Volume 1
                               Identity Crisis RECAPTURED!

(30) Lessons for today’s youth k-12 grades, with teacher outline, craft & game ideas

Available at Amazon:  Price:  *$139.99 plus S&H
                                                         Price:  $69.99 Kindle eBook at


When They Just Don't Understand Holy & Separate 22 Reasons Why by Melanie Staten
A booklet which gives 22 reasons why to strengthen your commitment to Jesus Christ.

Available at Amazon:   Price:  *$5.95 plus S&H
                                           Price:  $2.99 Kindle eBook at

                                                                             Ministry Training                                                              

Engaging the Marketplace: A Training Manual for Daily Influence for the Kingdom of God
                            by Reginald J. Staten

This training manual is designed to equip you for the 21
st Century marketplace in all arenas – to share the powerful message of the Kingdom and faith in Jesus Christ. Whether you’re a business owner, nurse, doctor, lawyer, service worker, teacher, minister, investor or athlete, the principles shared in this training manual will develop you into an ambassador without border. No more t-shirts, propaganda and loud speakers, or religion. It’s time to go under the radar and advance the kingdom in the lives of people in the most unsuspecting but effective way.

Available at Amazon:  Price:  $19.95 Paperback at
Price: $9.99 Kindle eBook at





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