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Divine Inspirations: Words of God's Love and Grace by Cindy A. Warren
(A modern day psalms book to encourage, uplift and edify.)

    Price:  *$11.95 Hardcover Book plus S&H
                         Price:    $6.95 Kindle eBook available at

Bridging the Spouse Gap Anniversary Booklet by New Seed Industries, LLC
(A hand-crafted memory book to record your marriage journey.)
   Price:  *$49.95 plus S&H  (Also available at

YOUTH TEACHING MATERIAL                                 

Anti-Bully 14-Day Control Challenge Booklet by Melanie Staten
(A workbook for youth k-12th grades, using biblical principles & personal challenges to promote self restraint.)
   Price:  *$11.95 plus S&H
                        Price:    $5.99 Kindle eBook available at

When They Just Don't Understand Holy & Separate 22 Reasons Why by Melanie Staten
(A booklet which gives 22 reasons why to strengthen your commitment to Jesus Christ.)
    Price:  *$5.95 plus S&H
                        Price:  $2.99 Kindle eBook available at

"Identity Crisis RECAPTURED!"
  Uniquely YOU Bible Series-Volume 1

(30) Lessons for today’s youth k-12 grades, with teacher outline, craft & game ideas

Unit 1- The Creation of Man and Promise- “God YOU promised!”

Unit 2- Positioning for God’s Glory- “God does love ME”

Unit 3- Kingdom Lifestyle- “I am God’s representative”

Unit 4- Life Choices- “MY choices determine MY outcome”

Unit 5- Who am I in Christ Jesus? - “I am not an accident, MY life matters”

Unit 6- Spreading the “Good News”- “Even YOU can help save lives”

Price:  *$139.99 plus S&H
                                Price:  $69.99 Kindle eBook available at


The King In Me by Vincent Warren
(A motivational story discovering the King in you.)

*Price:  $5.95 plus S & H
Price:  $2.99 Kindle eBook available at

                Start up your own Christian youth club for Ages 5-15 years old.

    Youth Opportunities Unlimited Club "Club Handbook" 

  (Everything you need for starting up your own Christian youth club, complete with registration, parent consent forms, training information, etc.)

Price:  $29.95 plus S & H

Registration Fee:  $50.00


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